2018 AGM

Annual General Meeting


Date:               Friday, 23rd February 2018 at 11.30am.

Venue:             Our Place Community Hub

Present:           Dennis Kennedy (Chair), Kelly Round, Beth Thomas, Debbie Clarke, Simon Cleary, Robert Green, Nigel Goulty

Welcome and Apologies

Dennis Kennedy welcomed colleagues to the meeting. There were no apologies.

Chairman’s Report

In his report (copy attached) Dennis Kennedy noted that Our Place continues to improve the quality of the services which it offers to the community. In particular he stressed the continuing work helping students and parents at 20 schools in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington and the work of Advice Café, which provides assistance to people facing a wide range of problems. Other successes included accreditation of mentor training and CPD accreditation for workshops.

Dennis Kennedy thanked staff and volunteers for their hard work and funding providers, including Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust and the Co-op for their support.

Financial Report

Robert Green introduced his financial report for the year (copy attached). He highlighted the encouraging trend in Our Place’s income – the overall income for the last 3 years was £96k, £126k and £136k and the income from on-going activities in the same periods increased from £84k to £103k to £130k. The main priority for the coming year will be to increase earned income.

Mentoring at Our Place

Debbie Clarke introduced her report on Our Place’s mentoring work (copy attached). She noted that the number of referrals has fallen sharply and that the proportion of high risk cases has also reduced. The fall in the number of cases has also led to a reduction in the waiting list for help.

Highlights for the year included the renewal of APS status, continuing positive feedback from service users and a nomination for a Queen’s Award for Volunteering.

Business Plan

Simon Cleary said that Our Place has now had a formal business plan in place for 3 years. The discipline of preparing the plans has helped concentrate minds and each year’s plan has been an improvement on its predecessor. The new plan will focus on building on the successes of recent years.

Election of Committee

It was noted that Sue Ayers has resigned as a director. Other members were re-elected as follows:

Dennis Kennedy (chair)

Proposed by Kelly Round, seconded by Robert Green.

Kelly Round (lead on business development)

Proposed by Dennis Kennedy; seconded by Robert Green.

Debbie Clarke (lead on mentoring)

Proposed by Dennis Kennedy; seconded by Robert Green.

Robert Green (lead on finance)

Proposed by Kelly round and seconded by Simon Cleary.

Beth Thomas (lead on safeguarding)

Proposed by Kelly Round and seconded by Simon Cleary.

Simon Cleary (lead on strategy)

Proposed by Dennis Kennedy and seconded by Robert Green.


Chairmans report OPCH AGM 230218

OurPlace-AGM 2018 Mentoring report

Copy of Analysis of 2017 accounts for AGM