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 Minutes of Annual General Meeting

 Date:               29th January 2019

Venue:             Duke Street Church, Duke Street, Sutton Coldfield B72 1RJ

Download Presentation Slides: Presentation 2019 AGM

Welcome and apologies

Kelly Round passed on apologies from Simon Cleary.

Chairman’s report

Dennis Kennedy welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said that Our Place was continuing to evolve and grow, improving the services which it offers to the local community, despite the financial pressures caused by constraints on school budgets. He thanked all of Our Place’s staff, volunteers and supporters for their efforts. Particular thanks went to Phil Dunn who raised £11k for Our Place in memory of his daughter, Marie Hunter (an Our Place volunteer) to Andrew Perks who took a leading role in the fundraising and to Children in Need and Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust for their support.

Mentoring scheme overview

Debbie Clarke introduced the mentoring section of the presentation (See above presentation slides). She explained that the reduction in school subscriptions is the result of growing pressure on school budgets. Our Place has responded by amending what it offers ( offering class workshops covering a wider range of problem areas). Skills development has continued to be a priority – increasing the time before volunteers are able to take on cases, but greatly enhancing what they can offer.

Advice services

Jo Carnegie reported that Advice Café continues to provide essential advice and support to people in difficulties, most of whom face more than one problem. Feedback from service users continues to be very positive. A recent change has been the addition of booked appointments to the drop-in service, allowing more time for complex tasks such as benefit applications. The main priorities for the future will be to increase awareness and build even better links with other service providers able to offer specialist help.

Training scheme

Kelly Round said that that Our Place’s training services are continuing to develop. The training is accredited and is receiving strongly positive responses. New products (such as the inset days on stress for schools) are being developed in response to client needs.

The aim for the future is to build on what has been achieved so far so that training income makes a growing contribution to the funding needed to support Our Place’s other work.

Financial report 

Robert Green introduced the financial section of the presentation (See slides above). He noted the reduction in income from school subscriptions, but also the increased amount secured from fund raising and the beginnings of an additional source of income from training.

Election of committee

Dennis Kennedy (Chair)

Proposed by Kelly Round; seconded by Robert Green.

Robert Green (lead on finance)

Proposed by Beth Thomas; seconded by Jo Carnegie.

Simon Cleary (lead on strategy)

Proposed by Robert Green; seconded by Kelly Round.

Beth Thomas (lead on Safeguarding)

Proposed by Robert Green; seconded by Barry Connolly

Kelly Round (lead on business development)

Proposed by Theresa Hyde; seconded by Robert Green.

Debbie Clarke (lead on mentoring)

Proposed by Beth Thomas; seconded by Robert Green.

Dennis Kennedy thanked everyone for their time and encouraged them to fill in their suggestion forms and discuss their ideas.