aps-2The Our Place Mentoring Scheme supports children from aged  6 through to adults.

Our service; which holds the Approved Provider Standard  award;  provides quality one to one and group mentoring on a range of issues including  Friendship, Self Esteem and Confidence and more high risk matters including Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Self Harm.

Our one to one sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individual mentees and are delivered for up to 12 months where required.  Sessions are planned by the allocated mentor and issues are explored using activities, drawing on experiences, testing out strategies, drawing, writing and talking.  We mainly adopt a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and the strategies we offer provide lifelong skills which equip people to deal with other challenges in their future.

Make a Referral   

Support can only be accessed via a referral, this is so that our team have all required information to arrange the relevant support for the person being referral.

Referrals can be made by individuals themselves (Providing they are 16 or older) professionals, or family members (With consent of the person being referred)

Referral Guidance

When making a referral on behalf of another person the following must be considered.

The person must:

  • Have a clear understanding of what Mentoring is
  •  Fully consent to accessing the mentoring programme on a voluntary basis.
  • Be ‘ready’ for mentoring support; willing to address their difficulties and open to trying to implement new strategies and ideas.
  • Where a child/young person under 16 years of age is being referred, parental consent is required (Unless young person is deemed able to self-consent, see below for further information*)
  • Children and young people should be at least 6 years old.


We do not accept referrals where the person being referred is currently receiving mentoring or counselling support from another agency, including the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), unless special circumstances mean that a collaborative approach can be taken in partnership.

Referral Forms

Support for Children and Young People

We are able to support children from the age of 6 years old. Referrals should be made by a worry-monsterparent/carer, school or other agency but always with parents and child’s consent.

Wherever possible Young People should be referred by an appropriate adult. However a self referral can be made by a young person aged 13 or above. In this instance a ‘Competency to Consent’ assessment would be undertaken to establish if the individual is deemed able to fully understand and consent to the mentoring support.

To make a referral download and return the Child/Young Person Referral Form.

Support for Adults

Adult mentoring offers support for individuals with social emotional and mental health challenges.

Adults can be referred to our mentoring service by professionals or are able to self refer by completing and returning the Adult Referral Form

Support for Parents

Our parenting support is available to Parents and Carers who are seeking advice and parent-mentoringsupport on parenting issues.

Parents/Carers can be referred to our mentoring service by professionals (With the Parent/Carers Consent) or are able to self refer by completeing downloading the Parent Referral Form 2015

For more information contact 0121 354 40 80 or complete the contact form below:

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